Why let only your competitors be online?

The trained professionals here at Margot Corporation are here to assist small businesses in starting or improving their Web Presences and Print Advertising.

We deliver the highest levels of service at convenient rates.  Every business has one dedicated personal contact to handle all of your business needs.  Meetings are scheduled at the client's place of business for your convenience to save you time and money.  In addition we have early morning, late night, and weekend hours.

Margot Corporation now offers printing services.  Submit your designs online and have a variety of items printed including business cards, postcards, brochures, letterhead, banners, and more.  Click here to place a printing order.

Web Presence

Margot Corporation specializes in creating a web presence for small local businesses.  A Web Presence includes a website, social media accounts, and search engine listings.

Margot Corporation will create and manage social media accounts for your business.  Social Media will help expand your web presence making it easier for potential customers to find your business.

Design and Print Services

Margot Corporation can design and print any advertising or marketing that your business needs.

Margot Corporation provides business efficiency consulting in the following areas: Cost Benefit, Technology Evaluations, Employee Skills, and Process Efficiencies.
Employment Opportunities